Soluble Film Packaging S.A. (SFP)

SFP is a Spanish company based in Valencia devoted to developing and manufacturing packages made with water-soluble film.

Water soluble film has the unique characteristic of completely dissolving in water,  consequently it does not leave any residue after dissolving making it completely ecological and safe for the environment.

SFP has developed its own brand of cleaning products for household & industrial use which are branded with the name AQUO.  Its broad range of innovative products covers: windows cleaner, bathrooms cleaner, all purpose cleaner, floors cleaner, windshields cleaner, disinfectant, biocide, washing liquid and septic tank activator

AQUO it is not like any other product in the market since it was developed thinking in how to mitigate the environmental side effects of the cleaning products.

AQUO is biodegradable & environmentally friendly

After a few minutes of immersion the package totally dissolves in water without leaving any harmless residues, therefore it has less impact on the environment than ordinary plastic containers.

AQUO is safe to handle with

Many accidents occur during the pouring stage. Since the package dissolves in water there is not direct handling with its contents, as a consequence of this there is no spillage to worry about.

AQUO is easy to dose

Water soluble film enables you to package cleaning products in a precisely measured single-dose container, maximizing the dosage and avoiding spillages.

AQUO is convenient to store

The products packed in water soluble films requires less  storage space than the products packed in traditional plastic containers, so valuable shelf space can be maximized.

AQUO is cheap to transport

When the product packed in water soluble films is concentrated, it occupies half of the space than the products packed in ordinary plastic containers reducing the weight and transportation costs.

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